Do I have to be from _____ background to contribute to Doll Hospital Journal?
Nope! We welcome contributors from any and all backgrounds! However our focus is especially on marginalised voices within mental health narratives that are neglected, ignored or erased in mainstream conversations.

Will Issue One be reprinted and if so when?
We hope to reprint it, and if we receive funding to do so you will be the first to know!

When will Issue Four come out?
Issue Four is now available digitally! Hard copies will be out soon!

When will Issue Five come out?
We are currently finalising our fifth issue, and we’ll let you know the release date very soon!

Are there any other Doll Hospital projects you are working on?

We have set up a team to translate all our previous issues into screen reader compatible forms so we’re working on that, as well as the potential for a Spanish translation of DH!

Do submissions need to be sent in a particular format?
Word doc is ideal, if not google docs is good too, and make sure to put your name at the top so we can credit you correctly!

How do I know if my work is a good fit for Doll Hospital?
The best way to know is to read our journal so you can see the kind of work we’re passionate about publishing.

Have any more questions? E-mail us, or ask via our tumblr!