The Doll Hospital Story

May 27

How it all began

July 14

An Exciting Announcement!

Okay! So you know how, like two months ago, I tweeted about starting a zine talking about mental health stuff? But yeah, the response was exciting. Like really exciting. So I start thinking what if this is more than a zine? What if I could keep the rad ethos of community and creativity of zine culture but create something that can reach more people than a small circle of tumblr and twitter? People who might not necessarily know what a zine is but know what it’s like to stop breathing on the way to class, to stop eating, to want it to end, but to want, to not want, to feel like this? And this is what I want Doll Hospital to be. A title that not un-coincidentally happens to be my url for like every social media thing. Cos I’m unoriginal. And also because I like how the words look all typed out in the address bar. Continue Reading …

October 1

Kickstarter launch







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October 16

Feature on The Toast




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October 30

Feature on Autostraddle

November 5

Editor-in-Chief, Bethany Lamont, gives a talk on Doll Hospital Journal at Oxford

December 9

Kickstarter funding goal met!

February 2

The delivery of the finished copies

February 11

Online store goes live

February 13

Print copies sold out in 48 hours!

March 17

The start of Issue Two

Image by Pokémonathon

December 3

The digital launch of Issue Two

August 5

The digital launch of Issue Three & hard copy sale of Issue Two

August 5
February 21

Upcoming: Launch of Issue Four & Issue Three Hard Copy Sale

April 27

Doll Hospital Issue 3 arrives in print!