Two Chansey Pokémons stuck in some sort of rope and looking sad. But they are doing their best and helping each other out. Don't worry you'll get through this together.


Doll Hospital is an art and literature journal on mental health that features work with an intersectional focus, searching for a wide range of voices and art of all kinds.

Our staff is comprised of editors, writers and other contributors who support the mission of Doll Hospital. The work isn’t easy breezy. All of our editors do this voluntarily and in their spare time, so we are open to new help in any shape or form! If you think you could help strengthen our team let us know how.

Please be mindful that we can only accept those who equally believe in our ethos and approach.

Everyone needs a helping hand, sometimes. Even our mascot Chansey does. Let’s be that for each other.

Staff List

Bethany Rose Lamont
Editor-in-chief, Founder

Eline Van den Broeck
Web Editor, Contributing Editor

Fauve Hamerlijnck
Press and PR Manager

Kristen Tollan
Contributing Editor
Instagram @ktolls, Blog

Glenn Maloney
Contributing Editor

Alaina Leary
Contributing Editor, Social Media
Twitter and Instagram @alainaskeys, Blog

Cassie Osei
Contributing Editor, Social Media

Emily Taylor
Contributing Editor, Social Media

Matthew Tucker
Managing Editor

Cat Smith
Contributing Editor 
Twitter @cat_sierra, Blog

Gin Hart
Contributing Editor

Maggie Webster
Graphic Designer

Anna Govier
Poetry Editor