Issue 5

Issue 5 is available digitally here! You can also order a hard copy of Issue 4 which includes a digital copy of Issue 5 for free because we love you.

We’ve worked extra hard to make our fifth and final issue of Doll Hospital especially special! It’s a bumper issue nearly twice the size of our previous issues at 287 pages long, each page is jam packed with 287 pages of mental health goodness and we can’t wait for you to read it.

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Doll Hospital is so grateful and proud to showcase the work of those who have contributed to our issues.

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Ahmet Oezcan (email)
Alaina Leary
Allison Augustyn
Ally Bernstein
Amani Omejer
Ambivalently Yours
Amy Oestreicher
Ani Keaten
Anna Govier
Arian Motta
Ash Caomhanach
Ashton Kessler
Bethany Rose Lamont
Brook Johnson
Caitlin Garvey
Carl Wade Thompson
Carla McRae
Cat McGuire
Cat Sierra
Charles Bane Jr.
Cindy L. Rodriguez
Claire Biddles
Clare Lewis
Clea Chiller
Coral-Leigh Ismail
Cristina Rios
Daphné Gerhard
Debra McQueen
Dior Vargas
Eline Van den Broeck
Emily Guest
Emily Hutchinson
Emily Yee

Emma Frankel
Emma Michelle
Erin Geary
Ethar Hamid
Francesca Baker
Gin Hart
Glenn Maloney
Gloria Endres de Oliveira
Hanna Milner
Hannah Rose Ewens
Harriet Blake
Heidi Hexe
Ijeoma Umebinyuo
Imade Nibokun
Issy Beham
Issy Marcantonio
Izzy Leslie
James Gaunt
Jamica Whitaker
Jane Kerrison
Janet McClean
Jemma Elizabeth Davoudian
Jenni Berrett
Jenny Walker
Jillian A.F.
Joni Edelman
Judith Jones
Julieta Gutnisky
Kailey Flyte
Katie Steinberg
Kendall Lacey
Kristen Tollan
Krystal Monique Reddick
Lakesha Lafayett
Laragh Sheridan Horn
Lauren Entwistle

Leif Gregersen
Leigh Urquhart
Leona Fietz
Lilly Ashton
Lil Baby
Liz Lazzara
Lize Meddings
Lotta Dann
Lottie Pencheon
Maggie Webster
Maria Cohut
Marie-Claire Conlin
Marisol Moreno Ortiz
Matthew Freeman
Matthew Snow
Matthew Tucker
Megan Diddie
Megan Merchant
Menaka Shanmuganantha
Meredith Bardo
Mike Scrase
MJ Robinson
Monica Gaitan
Mya Carmichael
Natalie Dix
Nick Alston
Nicolette Clara Iles
Noa Snir
Nora Huszka
Olivia James
Owen Low
Penelope Ferguson
Pippa Ashton
Rebecca C. Berezin
Rebecca Katz

Rikki Weir
Rose Lyddon
Ruby Etc.
Rudy Loewe
Ryan Jones
Santiago Ascui
Sara Jafari
Sara Lautman
Sarah Joy
Sarah Rudston
Saumya Dave
Scarlett Shaney
Séamus Gallagher
Seo Kim
Sharon Igbokwe
Simone Desso
Simone Lia
Sophia Sengendo
Stefanie Kaufman
Suvi Kollanen
Tavi Gevinson
Taylor Xóchihua
Tessa Torgeson
The Little Warhols
Torin Audoire
Valentine Gallardo
Vanessa Willoughby
Victoria Manifold
Vikki Chu
Vikki Touzel
Zeba Talkhani
Zinnia Jones


Some themes this issue approaches are: the limits of mental health awareness initiatives, black boyhood and mental health, trauma and memory, indigenous disability narratives, the struggle of co-morbid mental health experiences, life after attempting suicide, having depression when you’re transgender, the insidious ableism of mental health care access, building dialogue with alters, surviving homelessness when black and trans, moving beyond bulimia, anxiety affirmations, OCD and Islamic ritual, experiences of hypomania, the pressure for male approval as a woman of colour, Kurt Cobain and the 27 Club, beauty rituals, cute cats….and much more.

We do approach themes that can be triggering. For these we have decided to add a dark red banner on the top corner of the page so you can skip those if you are not up for them on any given day. This issue’s potentially triggering themes are: sexual assault, suicide, parental abuse, abusive relationships, paranoia, trichotillomania, self harm, bulimia, anxiety, rape, child sexual abuse, addiction

Is there a theme you’d like to see labeled? Please let us know!


Khairani Barokka – on her new book ‘Indigenous Species’, the urgency of environmental justice and the awesomeness of Lisa Bufano

Becca Laidler – on her community led creative project on OCD The Secret Illness 

John Porcellino – on his comic making career, the relationship between chronic illness and mental health and why cats make great pals

Steve Haines – on on science communication, illness as metaphor and his books ‘Trauma is Really Strange’ and ‘Pain is Really Strange’ (

Open Conversation

To celebrate out final issue this issue features a gigantic 68 page roundtable comprising of 104 contributions of advocacy, advice, assertions and aspirations for storming through mental health struggles on our most despairing of days.