Issue 1

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Doll Hospital is so grateful and proud to showcase the work of those who have contributed to our issues.

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Claire Biddles
Joanna Cifredo
Tara Violet Niami
Ashley Ronning
Valerie Choi
Mia Castiglione
Sarah Rudston
Séamus Gallagher
Mey Valdivia Rude
Victoria Uren
Kristina Wong
Bethany Lamont
Hannah Moitt
Renee P.
Caroline Christie
Charles Bane Junior
Rosalind Robertson
Esmé Wang
Ashton Kesler
James Gaunt
Ashley Allan
Judith Jones
Megan Bradenburg
Emma Frankel
Lil Ashton
Angela Deane
Carla McRae
Cat Smith
Erin Geary
Jenny Walker
M. Conlin
Chloe Wojewoda
Charline Batille
Erin Baillie-Rutter
Laura Rokas
Luna e los Santos
Kath Read
K. Émilie
Lydia Suffield
Phoebe Summers
Tavi Gevinson
Leona Fietz
Lize Meddings
Aidan Mitchell
Emily Dibble
Natalya Lobanova
Eline Van den Broeck
Mike Scrase
Gloria Endres de Oliveira
Mikael Hattingh
Oyin Olaleken
Diamond J. Sharp
Silvia Galis-Menendez
Latoya Peterson
Lulu Heal


Some themes Issue One has approached are: mental health and productivity, being verbal about your illness, grieving, the limits of self care, cancer, disability, old age and isolation, the stigma of psychosis, gender identity, the hysterical woman in film, Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak album… and much more.

We do approach themes that can be triggering. For these we have decided to add a dark red banner on the top corner of the page so you can skip those if you are not up for them on any given day. This issue’s potentially triggering themes are: transmisogyny, disordered eating, suicide, ableism, anxiety, self harm, rape.

Is there a theme you’d like to see labeled? Please let us know!


Kristina Wong – on mental health and the model minority myth

Angela Deane – on ghost photographs, memory and the past

The Coven – on their collective

Kate Zambreno – on the mentally ill woman as a muse for male writers

Open Conversation

This issue’s conversation between editors deals with the confusing intersection of capitalist consumption and self care so often promoted in our media.