Issue 4

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Alexis Bates
Amy Oestreicher
Anna Govier
Beri Allen-Miller
Carl Wade Thompson
Carrie Golden
Chloe Seim
Danielle Finnegan
Debra McQueen
E J Landsman
Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Eline van den Broeck
Elisabeth Hewer
Emily Taylor
Francesca Kelsey

Gin Hart
Glenn Maloney
Hyesu Lee
Ijeoma Umebinyuo
Jabbari Weekes
Jade Davis
Jade Kelly
Janet McClean
Jemma Elizabeth
Jillian A. F
Joni Edelman
Julieta Gutnisky
Kendall Lacey
James Gaunt
Key Ballah
Klaudia Salinas

Lakesha Lafayett
Laragh Sheridan Horn
Laura Isabella
Leif Gregerson
Lizz Brady
Lotta Dann
Lottie Pencheon
Marie Colinet
Matthew Freeman
Megan Diddie
Meredith Bardo
Natalya Lobanova
Nicolette Clara Iles
Nora Huszka
Peach Elliott

Penelope Ferguson
Rose Lyddon
Ryan Jones
Santiago Ascui
Sarah Joy
Saumya Dave
Shelly Singh
Shraddha Datta
Simone Lia
Sloane Frederick
Suvi Kollanen
Tilly Foulkes
Vanessa Willoughby
Victoria Manifold
Vikki Touzel


Some themes this issue approaches are: the intersection of mental health and progressive sight loss, the struggle for sobriety, mental illness, autism and police brutality, the intersection of classism and mental health treatment, the whitewashing of young women’s mental health, thoughts on how experiences of racism shapes trichotillomania, Asian American mental health education, Canadian mental health treatment of schizophrenia, the difficult side effects of mental health medication, surviving depression and the death of one’s parents, struggles with dermatillomania, working class girlhood, Fiona Apple….and much more.

We do approach themes that can be triggering. For these we have decided to add a dark red banner on the top corner of the page so you can skip those if you are not up for them on any given day. This issue’s potentially triggering themes are: police brutality, sexual abuse, disordered eating, rape, childhood sexual abuse, internalised victim blaming, misogyny, dermatillomania, sexual assault, internalised racism, self-harm, anorexia, suicidal ideation, trichotillomania, suicide.

Is there a theme you’d like to see labeled? Please let us know! 


Katie Green – on her graphic novel ‘Lighter than Shadow’

Mimi Khúc – on tarot cards, Asian American mental health and living under siege

Clem Martini – on family collaboration, Canadian mental health treatment and the stigma surrounding schizophrenia

Open Conversation

This issue’s conversation explores the struggle for sexual autonomy and bodily agency following sexual violence.