The Journal

We are a doll hospital. We explore notions of growth, trauma, chronic illness and childhood, and identify how this lives in conversation with mental health. Constructs of white girlhood continue to exclude and alienate women of colour, particularly black women. This is unacceptable. We are interested in reclaiming these spaces, redefining innocence, and standing, unapologetically, in our trauma.

Doll Hospital is a bi-annual art and literature print journal on mental health. It encourages work with an intersectional focus as the history of mental health is so closely tied to the history of race, class, gender identity, sexuality, colonialism, chronic illness, and disability.

A Chansey Pokémon struggling to read a book. Poor doll had been trying to read it upside down. Don't worry pink cherub, there is always help around.
Rooted in self-advocacy, we centre the voices of those who are largely unheard in the mainstream notion of ‘mental health.’ Doll Hospital Journal aims to be an alternative to the limited narratives that are focused on in the mainstream media. We want to offer a platform to those who experience mental health firsthand, in their own words, on their own terms.

We don’t care about ‘success stories,’ we care about surviving. 

We believe print is the best medium for this project — a refuge from toxic comment sections and constant link skipping. Something tangible to slip in your book bag and read on the bus. Something still, something quiet, something just for you.

Where to buy
Our zines are available on bigcartel digitally and in print (though the latter is sold out we are looking to reprint)!
Buy some other goodies over at society6, like tote bags, t-shirts, and more!

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The News page is our blog feed and thus the place to read up on our progress in making our dreams (and zine issues!) a reality. Though more regular updates may happen on our social media accounts such as instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest and tumblr where we also share other newsworthy tidbits.

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