Issue 2

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Taylor Xochihua
Vikki Chu
Lisa di Antoni
Lucia Tang
Eleanor Byrne
L’lerrét Jazelle Ailith
Chelsea Patterson
Gemma Correll
Megan Merchant
Vilissa Thompson, LMSW
Hanna Milner
Leanne Mattthews
Jane Kerrison
Harley Collins
Olivia James
Anna Govier
Ellen Murray
Angelica Jade Bastién
Hannah Moitt
Imade Nibokun
Cindy L. Rodriguez
Laura Callaghan
Maria Cohut
Katherine Lunn
Allison Augustyn
Melissa-Kelly Franklin
Daphné Gerhard
Amaal Said
Mia Castiglione
family orange
Hannah Shone
Cat Mcguire
Martina Dominique Dansereau
Rebecca Katz
Rhea Allan
Emily Dibble
Emily Hutchinson
Ethar Hamid
Tommi PG
Charlotte Allan
Kate Gallagher
Becca Hyman
Bethany Rose Lamont
Mikael Hattingh
Yumi Sakugawa
Margaret Anne


Some themes Issue Two has approached are: mental health within women’s prisons, coping with emotional impermanence, the intersection between mental health and physical disability, the stigma of mental health in Muslim society, dealing with being in a mental health ward whilst still in high school… and much more.

We do approach themes that can be triggering. For these we have decided to add a dark red banner on the top corner of the page so you can skip those if you are not up for them on any given day. This issue’s potentially triggering themes are: transmisogyny, suicide, ableism, anxiety, self harm, rape, alcoholism, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault.

Is there a theme you’d like to see labeled? Please let us know!


Dior Vargas – on the People of Colour and Mental Illness Photo Project 

Bassey Ikpi – on the Siwe Project and #NoShameDay

Open Conversation

This issue’s conversation between the Doll Hospital team deals with the relationship between mental health and physical disability and chronic illness, addressing how often physical disability and chronic illness is disregarded, co-opted and misunderstood in mainstream conversations on mental health .