Issue Two pre-order of physical copies and Issue Three digital launch!

We’re so excited to share some wonderful news with you! As you may have guessed by the title Issue Two will be printed for the first time and Issue Three will launch digitally on August 5th!

DH-issue2-coverIssue Two will be available for pre-order from Friday August 5th to Friday August 19th! They will then go to our printers before being mailed in late August/early September (a process we will keep you updated on). This pre-order is to raise funds for printing as we are unable to offer our usual pay as you wish option, which we hope to offer again in the not-too-distant future. So stay posted if you cannot afford a pre-order but still wish to own a physical copy!

Pre-orders of Issue Two will go live on 9am (UK time) of Friday the 5th. (Here you can easily calculate 9AM GMT to wherever you live!) For more info on this issue you can visit this page where you can see a preview, read the contributors names, the themes that are tackled therein and see what our open conversation is about. The physical copy is 155 pages full colour of soothing illustrations, comic art, poetry, fiction, literary essays and real talk. Away from the hectic internet and ready for IRL physicality for you alone and anyone you wish to share it with!

Also, as an extra thank you for pre-orders we will be sending you a free digital version of Issue Three as well as an 8 tracks mix of good vibe songs mailed to you inbox automatically!

dh-coverIssue Three is a 162 paged colourful tome, featuring, among others, Krystal Monique Reddick, Anne Boyer, Wishcandy, Amaal Said, Haejin Park, SBTL CLNG, Ambivalently Yours, Angelica Jade Bastién, Valentine Gallardo, Sara Lautman, Akujixxv, Doodlemancy, Kailey Flyte, Hannah Eaton and Yuta Sakakibara.

View a preview, see what themes, contributors and open conversation of Issue Three on this detailed page!

We hope you’re excited as us! Let us know your thoughts!

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